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Our range of stunning Rums have gained global recognition.

Produced in limited quantities, sometimes as just a single barrel bottling, our delicious, unadulterated Rums covers a huge variety of styles for your enjoyment!

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we seek out small QUANTITIES in their true, unblended form.
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We are long-established specialists in pursuit of single cask Rum, where each and every bottle originates from an individual, uniquely aged barrel.

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Rum consumers love to understand the origins of where their spirits have been created. Single Estate provides a field-to-bottle solution, with carefully selected characteristics, these Rums truly define each, individual distiller’s style perfect for those in the know.

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Both Column and Pot Stills produce impressive variety of Rums with vast amounts of character, length, notes, colour and most importantly taste.

A message from John Barrett, Bristol Spirits M.D.

"Our mission here at Bristol Spirits Limited is to discover and develop interesting Rum for your enjoyment. Together sugar and water produces one of the most varied and captivating spirits known to man. Designed and developed with careful production and long maturation the true quality and style can be enjoyed from the diverse and magnificent Rums that we select and bottle for the pleasure of Rum lovers around the globe."

Bristol Spirits are long-established and eminent suppliers and promoters of fine Rums from around the world. John is renowned and recognised as a highly-experienced taster and supporter of Rums in their most natural state, specialising often in those Rums matured and bottled in UK warehousing which have unique benefits.
John Barrett, MD - Bristol Spirits Ltd

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DrinkMonger Tasting Apr 2024

Drinkmonger & BCR come together for
a wonderful tasting of finest rum

Tickets are selling quickly with only a limited number left, so Be quick!

DrinkMonger and Bristol Classic Rum are delighted to announce a tasting this month, hosted by BCR founder John Barrett.
We look forward to greeting you at the Drinkmonger Bruntsfield store in Edinburgh for an evening of Rum!

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Bristol Classic Rum - Jamaica 1997 'Clarendon'

- in the spotlight -
jamaica 1997 'clarendon'

Crafted from molasses, this is an artful combination of casks #6 & #10

Bristol Classic Rum’s Jamaica 1997 is a deliciously smooth spirit which is perfect sipping over ice with great friends for its enjoyment. If you're a fan of Jamaican Rum (and let's be honest, who isn't?), don't hesitate to secure your bottle.

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a peek into our cellars - a few of our latest bottling
Bristol Classic Rum - Venezuela 12YO

Venezuela 12 Years Old Rum - Column Distillation

Bristol Classic Rum - Venezuela 12YO
Venezuela is country entirely located in the tropics, making up part of the northern side of South America. It’s origins of Rum dates back to 1796, when a German aristocrat grew Cocoa and Sugar Cane. It wasn’t too long before Rum was distilled. In the mid-twentieth century, new distilleries started to appear and soon gained worldwide acclaim. Venezuelan Rum can be described as soft with a silky texture on the palate and a wonderful drink to start your Rum experience.

As a great supporter of natural Rum, John specifically selects the finest from around the world. This Venezuela 12YO has been matured in American refill casks while at Destileria Sofa, benefiting immensely from tropical aging. After shipping from one of the most respected distilleries in the country, this spirit arrived in the UK and immediately bottled in 2022.

Dark golden colour with a nose of soft fruit and light wood, giving balance and leading to a palate of medium weight, good mid palate flavours and stylish finish. 47%vol.

To read more, Lance from The Lone Caner has reviewed this delicious bottle in more details
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Rum 2013 - Finished in Madeira Wood

Bristol Classic Rum - 2013 Dominican Rum
Dominican Rum isn’t just a drink for many but it’s a way of life. Rums distilled on this tropical island have wonderful characteristics, some say very close to Cuban. This isn’t surprising because due to the close geographic proximity many Cubans fled here before Castro seized power, bringing with them a taste for their favourite rum and cigars. The Republic’s dominant feature of the countryside is sugar cane. The majority of Dominican distilleries exploit molasses from the sugar industry but variations in fermentation and aging return results which must be tasted.

This is another high quality offering for the Bristol Classic Rum range. Bottled in 2021 at the strength of 44% and finished in wonderful Madeira wood. It is medium golden colour with fruit and touch of sweetness on the nose. Bristol Classic Rum's Dominican rum has good length of flavour and a nicely balanced finish.This is a small batch release that really shouldn’t be missed.

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Mauritius LaBourdonnais

Mauritius Labourdonnais 2010 Rum - Finished in Cognac Wood

Bristol Classic Rum - 2010 Mauritius Labourdonnais
Back in 2006, Domaine de Labourdonnais created La Rhumeriedes Mascareignes to diversify its sugarcane production activity. Eight years later it took the new brand name of La Distillerie de Labourdonnais with a view to combine their unique knowledge to create original recipes for their wonderfully tasting, authentic Rum. Their range of world-famous Rums proudly boasts 10 industry awards, all praising the quality of the liquors they have developed. Labourdonnais Rums are appreciated for the finesse of their production and conservation methods.

The Bristol Classic Rum 2010 ‘Labourdonnais’ release is 47% vol. and offers a wonderful maturation since 2010 in unique UK warehousing. Finished in Cognac wood, this Rum is a medium golden colour, has a soft nose with fruit while balanced with wood on the palate. A length of flavour with subtle hints of fruit and well-integrated wood leads to a balanced finish.

A limited number of rare cases are available, in order to reserve this delicious, delectable Mauritius Rum for your enjoyment.

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Trinidad Distillers Ltd

Trinidad 8 Years Old - Column Still Distillation

Bristol Classic Rum - Trinidad 8 Year Old
The Trinidad Distillers Limited (TDL) is the production facility owned by Angostura Ltd. Not to mention distilling all of Angostura products, TDL manufactures over 18 million litres of alcohol, sold around the globe, predominately in bulk to blenders and bottlers. Angostura Limited commissioned this multi-column, continuous distillation facility in the late 1940s, initially providing Rum used in the production of the Aromatic Bitters, the exclusive output for the company at this time. The ability to produce more Rum than the company needed,allowed the creation of several own-brand labels. TDL solely use sugarcane molasses as the source for their fermentation and cultivate their own yeast strain which adds a distinctive flavour note to the rum.

Don’t miss Bristol Classic Rum’s release of this lovely 8 year old rum. Medium gold in colour, it is clean and light, nicely balanced and an easy style to approach. Be quick, Bristol Classic Rum only release small batches.

More interest can be gained via The Rum Barrel Blog - Alex is a London-based Rum Enthusiast!
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