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2023 - Best Sellers - Bristol Classic Rum

The bestsellers of 2023!

The results are in for this year’s bestsellers from the Bristol Classic Rum.

No surprise to see our Trinidad 8YO heading up the list. Medium gold in colour, it is clean and light, nicely balanced and an easy style to approach. A real treat and excellent entry level introduction to the Rum world. Be quick, Bristol Classic Rum only release small batches.

In a firm 2nd place stands a stunning product of Venezuela with plenty of wonderful reviews. A nose of soft fruit and light wood gives balance leading to a palate of medium weight, good mid palate flavours and stylish finish. This is a good example of column still production and careful maturation.

There is no denying, 3rd place goes to our oldest distillation. Guyana 1990. Full golden colour with red tints from the Port Cask maturation, the nose has classic Port Mourant complexity, touches of aniseed and fruit, very complex. Palate has length and depth, leather, dried fruits and anise all lead to a long and deep finish, a classic ‘PM’.

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Le Clos and Bristol Classic Rum

new opportunities for le clos & BCR

Congratulations to Bristol Classic Rum for being selected by Le Clos

This is indeed astonishing news!

Le Clos is known for its commitment to offering the world's finest wines and spirits and providing exceptional customer service. The fact that Bristol’s premium range of Rum has been chosen by Le Clos is a testament to its quality and reputation.

Le Clos, established in 2008, has since aimed to curate an extensive collection of the best wines and spirits available worldwide. They have a team of highly qualified advisors who collectively speak over 20 languages, ensuring that customers receive expert guidance and assistance.In addition to their wide selection, Le Clos offers various complimentary services to enhance the shopping experience. This includes in-store tastings, allowing customers to sample different products before making a purchase. They also provide the convenience of click and collect, enabling customers to order Bristol Classic Rum online and have it prepared for collection at Dubai International Airport (DXB), whether it's upon arrival or departure.

Le Clos operates eight boutiques throughout the airport and is owned by Maritime and Mercantile International (MMi), further solidifying their position as a trusted retailer in the industry.

Le Clos opens up new opportunities for Bristol Classic Rum to reach a broader audience of discerning customers who appreciate luxury spirits. A very exciting collaboration!

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Bristol Classic Rum - Investment in 2023

Growing popularity of rum investment

Rum is experiencing incredible growth, but still have some ground to cover.

In the United Kingdom, Rum investment has gained popularity, with sales of all categories of surpassing £1billion in the previous 12 months, representing a 51% increase compared to 2019, according to market watchers CGA by NielsenIQ.

This growth can be attributed to younger consumers developing a taste for Rum. The premium Rum market saw a significant 85% growth in the second quarter of 2022. While Rum has experienced remarkable growth, it still has some ground to cover in order to rival the market for rare and collectible spirits dominated by Scottish Whiskies. However, Rum's relative youth in the world of collectibles makes it more accessible to enthusiasts, with more affordable prices compared to aged Whiskies.

Certain types of Rum have garnered particular interest, such as those from "lost" distilleries like Caroni. These limited-edition Rums, which are no longer in production, have generated significant interest among collectors.

When starting a Rum collection, it is important to consider various factors such as regions, individual distilleries, and bottlers. Different regions have their own unique styles and flavours, while individual distilleries can offer distinct characteristics. Bottlers, who source and age the rum, like Bristol Classic Rum also influence the desirability and value of a particular bottle.

Overall, investing in aged Rum presents an opportunity for enthusiasts to explore a growing market with potential for future appreciation in value.

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Bristol Classic Rum - So Many Wines

More BCR for the Asian markets

So Many Wines is a Wine & Spirits retailing company based in Cambodia.

Are you looking for Bristol Classic Rum around the World? We now supply and support markets including Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

So Many Wines, created by J.E.M Trading Co., LTD., was established in 2022 by two brothers, Eric and Jean-Etienne, with the objective of bringing an authentic wine-tasting experience to Asia.Eric, with 20 years of experience in the wine industry in Europe, brings his expertise and knowledge to the company. Jean-Etienne, on the other hand, has similar experience of international logistics, ensuring efficient transportation and storage methods for the wine and spirits.

The company aims to address a common issue faced by enthusiasts in Asia – the quality of product available due to poor conditioning and transport. Many individuals have reported that even high-priced wines are often of subpar quality in Asia compared to Europe.

To combat this problem, So Many Wines focuses on implementing top-notch conditioning, transport, and storage methods. By doing so, they aim to ensure that the wines and spirits reach Asia in the same condition as they would in Europe. This commitment to quality and proper handling sets them apart in the wine distribution market in Asia.

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Bristol Classic Rum - ACAN Premium Spirits

John sits down to chat all things rum

Bottled Magazine - Exploring the World of Rum, Spirits & Liquid Specialties

When time allows, our fantastic Distributor based in German, Haromex Development GmbH publish Bottled Magazine. This is a great way for readers to explore and learn about different types of spirits and liquid specialties they offer in regions all around Europe. In this particular issue, there was an inclusion of an interview with our owner, John Barrett, as well as many other articles on Rum rarities, Cask Aged Gins, Brandy, Port Wine, and traditional French gems which was sure to provide a diverse and interesting reading experience.

So, grab a tot … sit back and enjoy <<< Click Here >>>

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Bristol Classic Rum - ACAN Premium Spirits

warm welcome to acan premium spirits

ACAN have become our Exclusive Distributor for Slovakia

We are delighted to share news of a new distribution partner.

Based in Bratislava, ACAN host many of the world’s top Alcohol brands. Their great vision is to inform people about the evolving quality alcohol, providing the best possible professional services and help raise the education level of cultured drinking in Slovakia.

Since 1997, ACAN have been providing and sharing quality alcohol in the form of independent premium brands from around the World. Starting with Gin, Beer and Tequila, they worked hard on providing into smaller bars and restaurants as well as retail and bottleshops. However today, you can find a huge range of world-famous brands available via their online shop - with express delivery all over SK.

In 2019, they move to new premises; ACAN 44 Premium Spirits, Vysoka 16, Bratislava, where you can not only learn everything about quality alcohol, but also sample their offerings.

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Bristol Classic Rum - Specialist Stance

recognised for specialist stance

At Bristol Classic Rum we like to underline our fine quality Rum

Whether you’re looking for ‘entry-level’ premium Rum like Trinidad 8 Year Old from Trinidad Distillers Ltd. or rare treats such as a 30 YO Port Mourant or Jamaican Long Pond’s .. they all share expert opinion.
If John likes it, we bottle it !

With major supporters in UK, Europe, China, Japan and now The Emirates, our most popular Rums do vary from market to market. Here in Bristol, bottling principles are simple. Limited casks from single still or single estate are only ever released. Then every market is allocated specific supply of bottling.

With a range of 20 SKU’s, the majority have been aged in cask with our moist-rich, UK warehousing for anything between 5 – 25 yrs. These Rums exhibit a range of styles easily equal to that perceived in fine Cognac or Malt Whiskies. The Bristol Classic Rum range is ever-evolving.

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Mauritius White Cane Juice - Bristol Classic Rum

the perfect cocktail maker

An enjoyable White Rum from Mauritius.

This enjoyable White Rum from Mauritius is made from sugar cane juice that was bottled right away without the aging process used we use for our darker rums.

As one of our ‘heritage’ releases this ‘rhum’ was produced at beautiful ‘Labourdonnais’ Distillery in the North of the island of Mauritius. In 2006 law there was relaxed to allow ‘Rhum’ distillation – before this time, all sugar cane crop planted had to be made into sugar for export. The Indian Ocean Island is now the home of many well-known names, so it would be silly form Bristol not imported direct and part-bottle some stock immediately.

The balance from this 2010 import was added to cask and left to age within the vaults of our Liverpool warehousing. Some spirit matured in Sherrywood, then released as a 5YO rum in 2015. Another bottling appeared in 2022 as Cognac 2nd maturation. This 10YO was so successful it had to be replenished in late 2022. See our Fine Rum page for more details.  

For now, let’s stay with writing about the unaged White Cane Juice imported in 2010. Produced on a continuous still, its light bright style has good fruit on the nose with a touch of apple freshness. The palate is fruity and short with almost juniper cleanliness combined with a soft rounding sweetness on the finish. Unsurprisingly, its aroma has an unmistakable ‘Agricole’ vibe to it.  

Available via all reputable outlets, this easy-sip Rum is very approachable at 43% vol. However, should you be looking for a fabulous base to Cocktails, you can’t go wrong pouring out this Mauritius White Cane Juice from Bristol Classic Rum.

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Distribution - Bristol Classic Rum

become a distributor

Currently seeking great Distributors for Bristol Classic Rum.

We are seeking reputable Distributors of Spirits to help expand and enhance Bristol Classic Rum across new regions to us around the World.

A great relationship between our exquisite Rum and localised distribution channels is extremely important. It is vital to operate quickly and smoothly, offering loyal customers the high quality of Rum they have come to expect from Bristol Classic Rum. This is an excellent opportunity to promote and sell small batch Rum from the ‘Premium’ Great British Independent Bottler.

We are currently looking for representation in the following Countries:
Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Montenegro, Moldova,
Bosnia & Herz., Albania, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Greece & Turkey.

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Autumn 2022 Releases - Bristol Classic Rum

Royal Mile's staff favourite!

We are proud the learn of our friend's 'Barbados' recommendation.

Royal Mile Whiskies in Edinburgh recently asked their wonderful staff to choose a perfect Dram for the first month in 2023. It's no real surprise to learn that Bristol Classic Rum's Barbados 2011, bottled in 2022 is their selection. This fruity, juicy rum is from the Foursquare Distillery and shows oak and earthiness in amongst the fruit. A blend of Column and Pot stills give the classic touch of tar which follows on the palate to a lingering finish. Unchillfiltered with no additional colouring or sugar.

Check out their latest stock here, to buy online
<<< >>>

You can also order by phone on 0131 524 9380 or drop by their Edinburgh Whisky Shop, where expert staff will be happy to give you guidance.

For information of the latest releases and our current stock,please contact
Autumn 2022 Releases - Bristol Classic Rum

Brand new 2022 releases announced

We are proud the announce new releases to compliment our range.

Bristol Classic Rum is immensely pleased to introduce 9 new lines for the start of autumn 2022. For the first time in many years, a second major bottling for 2022 fully reflects the demand for fine Rum offered from our Bristol-based brand to spirit drinkers around the World.

Spending valuable time, John has researched and selected lines to release from reserves. Stock that he has acquired over many years of seeking out the rare and exceptional rums from individual estates and sometimes single Stills, this has been John’s mission.After many years of careful maturation in moist-rich, dark cellars on the British mainland, each Rum has been bottled at a relevant strength, guided by John’s knowledge and experience to display at their optimum quality. With no added sugar or colouring, these Rums are also without chill-filtering, preserving their subtleties of palate and nose.

As well as replenishing some existing lines such as Haiti and Belize, there is the introduction of two wonderful Jamaican Rums – 2011 Pot Still from The Clarendon Estate and a wonderful 1997 Column still. Surely this is one not to be missed by the Rum connoisseur.

For information of the latest releases and our current stock,please contact
Caroni from the Cask - Bristol Spirits Ltd

a rare Caribbean rum maturation...

...that begins not in a distillery warehouse, but amongst the glistening
bottle-lined shelves of The Balvenie’s Sample Room.

This begins with a great friendship between John and Malt Master David C Stewart MBE.
'Although John describes himself as being “merely a simple salesman”, he is trusted to source interesting flavours from far and wide to experiment with', David explains.
There was never a fixed agenda. No specific criteria. They just wanted to combine John's discoveries with their own expertise. The Balvenie Malt Master relied on his old friend John to seek out the best of the unexpected. And even if his finds didn’t have an immediate purpose, they almost certainly would have, one day.
On this particular visit, as the soft amber sunshine spilled in through the windows, John produced some Caroni rum samples from his battered old leather travelling bag. The team realised almost at once that their ‘travelling salesman’ had brought back something very special.

<<< Click here to read more and listen to the whole story directly from The Balvenie sample room >>>

Caroni from the Cask - Bristol Spirits Ltd

straight from a very 'special' cask

Treating Rum Connoisseurs to a wonderful Caroni 1998 HTR

Bristol Spirits Ltd is a proud supplier, supporter and friend to Corman Collins. Founded in 1965 by Hubert Corman and Marie Jeanne Collins, they started distributing milk in the Herve region of Belgium, soon moving into distribution of Beer and then other Spirits. Little by little, Spirits took up more time and space.

At the beginning of 2022, Hubert came to us with the wonderful idea to offer a very 'Special' bottling straight from the cask. A beautiful and ultra-rare Caroni 1998 in the original American Oak barrel, shipped from Trinidad.

In 20cl or 70cl bottles with exclusive labels, Hubert's faithful customers were treated to this wonderful HTR Rum without filtration or reduction, but for only 30 days! When it was placed back into reserve to continue aging.
Well done Hubert! a brilliantly original idea!

<<< Le Blog a Roger (@rogercaroni) writes a wonderful piece regarding Hubert's event Click Here >>>

Were you one of the lucky ones to be there! Let us see you photos via Instagram or Facebook.
Pot Still Jamaica - Bristol Spirits Ltd

The art or craft of distilling rum

Distilling is essentially a very simple process.

Start with a naturally fermented liquid (the 'Wash'), which may be wine, a sort of beer made from grain, as for Whisky, or from sugar, when you get Rum. Heat gently in a closed container until the alcohol, but not the water boils. The vapour is carried off, cooled and condensed into a concentrated spirit. There is of course enormous subtlety and variety in the process.
There are two distinct kinds of Stills. The 'Pot' Still is the oldest method of distilling, and the simplest. It can be used to make Congac from Wine, Malt Whisky from Barley and some old-fashioned kinds of Rum. The 'Patent' or 'Column' Still was invented in 1826. This is an altogether more scientific method to yield either a Spirit which is pure and neutral or something much richer and rarer.

Bristol Spirit team are here to answer questions and assist via email, website, Instagram, Facebook or by phone.
Rhum Fest Paris - Bristol Spirits Ltd

Rhum Fest Paris - l'art DU RUM

The 1st weekend of April sees the return of Rhum Fest Paris

Hugues, Xavier & Gwendal from The Whisky Lodge Lyon, plus Simon & Hannah from Bristol Classic Rum will be meeting, greeting and showing off our new range of classic rum, including the wonderful 2013 Dominican Republic, a delicious 2011 Barbados Foursquare & a stunning 12 Y/O from Venezuela, personally selected by John Barrett
You can find them at Stand E4, Parc Floral

Why not share a photo from Rhum Fest Paris with us? Add the hashtag #bristolclassicrum or tag @bristolspiritsltd in your post.
Facebook - Bristol Spirits Ltd

Bristol Spirits Ltd now on Instagram!

We are pleased to announce that Bristol Spirits Ltd have joined Instagram

There has been an exciting start to 2022 for us, so follow @bristolclassicrum to keep you up-to-date on all things Classic Rum, industry news, upcoming events, photos and other items of interest!
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Online tasting - China

online tasting - goes far east


The pure Rum market is relatively small in China but gives spirit fans a superb, quality category on-par with Malt Whisky or Cognac. 'Bristol Classic Rum' has arrived in China with the support of Vincori Trading Ltd. Creating opportunities for exciting growth, supplying a range of tantalising spirits for a vibrant market of connoisseurs.
Simon Askey, Sales Director

Bristol Spirits Ltd
appoint new director of sales


Simon has been involved with Bristol Spirits Ltd in the background for over 20 years. He will be available at various events and can be contacted at or via the telephone +44(0) 07803 923 459.

John Barrett, Bristol Spirits Ltd M.D. will focus his time on the sourcing, acquiring and maturation of Rums and other spirits, tastings while also providing assistance and information to the Trade, while our other members of the Bristol Spirit team are here to answer questions and assist via email, website, Facebook or by phone.
Facebook - Bristol Spirits Ltd

Bristol Spirits Ltd now on facebook

Bristol Spirits Ltd are very excited to announce our new company profile on Facebook.

We are now on the world's most popular social networking web site!
Facebook enables us to share a variety of useful content, keeping customers and visitors on top of all the latest Bristol Spirits Ltd and Rum industry news, upcoming events, photos and other items of interest!

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BCR @ RumFest2021



We love this time of year. A thrill to meet and speak with so many rum aficionado's, old and new. With the pandemic slowing our chats and laughter on a one-to-one basis, it was a very welcome relief to be back on the floor, seeing so many familiar faces. The last 2 years had felt very different and it was a time for appreciating the fact that family life, work and enjoying spirits had never been so precious. Well done to Ian and his amazing team, RumFest is one of the premium Rum festivals and this year’s Trade & Conference Day were a fantastic mix of aged, flavoured and pure rum.