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Caroni from the Cask - Bristol Spirits Ltd

a rare Caribbean rum maturation...

...that begins not in a distillery warehouse, but amongst the glistening
bottle-lined shelves of The Balvenie’s Sample Room.

This begins with a great friendship between John and Malt Master David C Stewart MBE.
'Although John describes himself as being “merely a simple salesman”, he is trusted to source interesting flavours from far and wide to experiment with', David explains.
There was never a fixed agenda. No specific criteria. They just wanted to combine John's discoveries with their own expertise. The Balvenie Malt Master relied on his old friend John to seek out the best of the unexpected. And even if his finds didn’t have an immediate purpose, they almost certainly would have, one day.
On this particular visit, as the soft amber sunshine spilled in through the windows, John produced some Caroni rum samples from his battered old leather travelling bag. The team realised almost at once that their ‘travelling salesman’ had brought back something very special.

<<< Click here to read more and listen to the whole story directly from The Balvenie sample room >>>

Caroni from the Cask - Bristol Spirits Ltd

straight from a very 'special' cask

Treating Rum Connoisseurs to a wonderful Caroni 1998 HTR

Bristol Spirits Ltd is a proud supplier, supporter and friend to Corman Collins. Founded in 1965 by Hubert Corman and Marie Jeanne Collins, they started distributing milk in the Herve region of Belgium, soon moving into distribution of Beer and then other Spirits. Little by little, Spirits took up more time and space.

At the beginning of 2022, Hubert came to us with the wonderful idea to offer a very 'Special' bottling straight from the cask. A beautiful and ultra-rare Caroni 1998 in the original American Oak barrel, shipped from Trinidad.

In 20cl or 70cl bottles with exclusive labels, Hubert's faithful customers were treated to this wonderful HTR Rum without filtration or reduction, but for only 30 days! When it was placed back into reserve to continue aging.
Well done Hubert! a brilliantly original idea!

<<< Le Blog a Roger (@rogercaroni) writes a wonderful piece regarding Hubert's event Click Here >>>

Were you one of the lucky ones to be there! Let us see you photos via Instagram or Facebook.
Pot Still Jamaica - Bristol Spirits Ltd

The art or craft of distilling rum

Distilling is essentially a very simple process.

Start with a naturally fermented liquid (the 'Wash'), which may be wine, a sort of beer made from grain, as for Whisky, or from sugar, when you get Rum. Heat gently in a closed container until the alcohol, but not the water boils. The vapour is carried off, cooled and condensed into a concentrated spirit. There is of course enormous subtlety and variety in the process.
There are two distinct kinds of Stills. The 'Pot' Still is the oldest method of distilling, and the simplest. It can be used to make Congac from Wine, Malt Whisky from Barley and some old-fashioned kinds of Rum. The 'Patent' or 'Column' Still was invented in 1826. This is an altogether more scientific method to yield either a Spirit which is pure and neutral or something much richer and rarer.

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Rhum Fest Paris - Bristol Spirits Ltd

Rhum Fest Paris - l'art DU RUM

The 1st weekend of April sees the return of Rhum Fest Paris

Hugues, Xavier & Gwendal from The Whisky Lodge Lyon, plus Simon & Hannah from Bristol Classic Rum will be meeting, greeting and showing off our new range of classic rum, including the wonderful 2013 Dominican Republic, a delicious 2011 Barbados Foursquare & a stunning 12 Y/O from Venezuela, personally selected by John Barrett
You can find them at Stand E4, Parc Floral

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Online tasting - China

online tasting - goes far east


The pure Rum market is relatively small in China but gives spirit fans a superb, quality category on-par with Malt Whisky or Cognac. 'Bristol Classic Rum' has arrived in China with the support of Vincori Trading Ltd. Creating opportunities for exciting growth, supplying a range of tantalising spirits for a vibrant market of connoisseurs.
Simon Askey, Sales Director

Bristol Spirits Ltd
appoint new director of sales


Simon has been involved with Bristol Spirits Ltd in the background for over 20 years. He will be available at various events and can be contacted at or via the telephone +44(0) 07803 923 459.

John Barrett, Bristol Spirits Ltd M.D. will focus his time on the sourcing, acquiring and maturation of Rums and other spirits, tastings while also providing assistance and information to the Trade, while our other members of the Bristol Spirit team are here to answer questions and assist via email, website, Facebook or by phone.
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We love this time of year. A thrill to meet and speak with so many rum aficionado's, old and new. With the pandemic slowing our chats and laughter on a one-to-one basis, it was a very welcome relief to be back on the floor, seeing so many familiar faces. The last 2 years had felt very different and it was a time for appreciating the fact that family life, work and enjoying spirits had never been so precious. Well done to Ian and his amazing team, RumFest is one of the premium Rum festivals and this year’s Trade & Conference Day were a fantastic mix of aged, flavoured and pure rum.