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trinidad Rum
8 year old - 43%

Trinidad Rum 8 year old - 43%

A medium gold in colour, this column still Rum is clean and light, nicely balanced offering an easy approach style. Ideal for enjoying with ice and your favourite mixer.

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Venezuela rum
12 years old - 47%

Venezuela 12 year old - 47%

A nose of soft fruit and light wood gives balance leading to a palate of medium weight, good mid palate flavours and stylish finish.

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jamaica 2009 Trelawney - 47.5%

Jamaica 2009 Trelawney - 47.5%

Pale golden in colour, powerful nose full of fruit and high esters typical of production of pot still work from Trelawney County. This Rum is perfect to be enjoyed over ice.

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cuban rum
2003 - 43%

Cuban Rum 2003 - 43%

Distilled using a column still and matured in hand-charred oak barrels. Finished in Sherry Butt casks develops a stylish, complex and exceptionally fine Rum.

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port mourant 1990 rum - 46.7%

Port Mourant 1990 - 46.7%

Full golden colour with red tints from Port cask maturation, the nose has classic Port Mourant complexity, touches of aniseed and fruit, very complex - a classic ‘PM’.

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A blend of young Rums
matured in oak casks providing a light and pleasant introduction to the joys of this versatile drink.

dominican rum
2013 - 47%

Dominican Rum 2013 - 47%

A medium golden colour Rum with fruit & touch of sweetness on the nose. Madeira finish shows well. A good length of flavour leaving a nicely balanced finish.

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port mourant 2010 rum - 45%

Port Mourant 2010 Rum - 45%

Pale golden colour Rum leading to a fresh nose of fruit and anise, with vibrant tones following. A mid length finish with softness and well controlled spirit.

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belize 2005
reserve rum - 46%

Belize 2005 Reserve Rum - 46%

Distilled in Belize City at
Travellers Liquors Ltd., this
2005 Column Still Rum shows fruit and spicy wood on the nose.

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nicaragua 2000
reserve rum - 47%

Nicaragua 2000 Reserve - 47%

Full golden colour developed by 20 years of maturation in American Oak, creates a lovely soft fruit with candy & violets on the nose leading to both a soft & long palate.

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enmore 1988
30 year old - 46.5%

Enmore 1988 30 year old - 46.5%

This 30-year-old example of pot still Enmore production has been long aged in the UK, initially in Bourbon then a further 10 years in Sherry infused butt casks.

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Cane Juice Rhum

Mauritius Cane Juice Rhum

White Rhum distilled on a continuous still at the beautiful ‘Labourdonnais’ estate. Light bright style with good fruit on the nose with a touch of apple freshness.

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barbados Rum 2011 - 47%

Barbados Rum 2011 - 47%

Pale gold colour leads to soft nose with fruit and well-integrated wood, column and pot stills give the classic touch of tar which follows on the palate to a lingering finish.

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Mauritius 2010 Labourdonnais

Mauritius 2010 Labourdonnais

Ten years of maturation in the UK has developed this Rum to a medium golden colour. A delightful length with subtle hints of fruit & well integrated wood.

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haiti 2004
reserve rum - 43%

Haiti 2004 Reserve Rum - 43%

Distilled 2004 on pot stills by Haiti’s leading producer, then shipped to the UK & filled to American oak for maturation in cool damp cellars.

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trinidad caroni 1998 - 54.6%

Trinidad Caroni 1998 - 54.6%

Rare & classic Caroni offers a full golden colour leading to the distinctive Caroni nose with a touch of diesel and restrained wood influence. Stocks are limited!!

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Jamaica Long Pond 1985 - 49.5%

Jamaica Long Pond 1985 - 49.5%

Full gold colour leads to complex nose with dried fruit & nuts. The wood is showing but well controlled & leads to a long complex finish.

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bristol black
spiced rum - 42%

Bristol Black Spiced Rum - 42%

A wonderfully complex Rum produced by carefully blended with specially selected spices and flavours. Best enjoyed with friends, a treat not to be missed.